Gabriel Sanfaçon

Gabriel Sanfaçon ran his first trail race at Ultra-Trail Harricana in 2018 in the 10 km event, which he won, setting the course record in the process.

A former triathlete and a keen cross-country and track racer, he began competing in long-distance races the following year at the Trans Vallée X followed by the UTHC 65. The discovery of the trail community, his need for adventure and his strong performance convinced him to give up triathlon competitions so he could fully embrace trail running. In 2020, he ran the UTHC 125 for the first time and finished 6th. In 2021, he finished 3rd in the QMT 100 miles.

But 2022 was definitely his year. He not only won the QMT 110 km, he also made it onto the podium at the UTHC by finishing 3rd in our longest event, the 125 km, just 3 minutes from second place.

Faits saillants
  • 2022 UTHC 125 km: 3rd
  • 2022 QMT 110 km: 1st
  • 2021 QMT 100 miles: 3rd  
  • 2020 UTHC 125 km: 6th  
  • 2019 UTHC 65 km: 3rd  
  • 2019 Trans Vallée X: 2nd  
  • 2018 Harricana 10 km: 1st
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