Hi all,
I’m contacting you to ask for your participation in the “ultramarathon sleep study”. This study deals with sleep both during the ultramarathons but also upstream during regular training and after during recovery. While training and diet in ultra-endurance is now relatively well documented, a whole aspect of performance – i.e. sleep – is often forgotten. Sleep is essential for day-to-day recovery and sleep mismanagement can compromise a race performance even if training has been optimal regarding all other aspects.
The purposes of the study are:
1. To know the sleep habits of ultra-runners in order to characterize it compared to non-athletic population.
2. To examine the management of sleep during daily training, in the days before an ultramarathon, during the race and during recovery after the race.

All you need to do is to fill out the following questionnaire:

Thank you for your help,
Prof Guillaume Millet (gmillet@ucalgary.ca)