Sébastien Côté elected as the new ITRA organization representative for Canada

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La Malbaie, April 11, 2019 – The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) held its annual vote for National Representatives from Saturday, March 30 to Saturday, April 5, and elected Sébastien Côté, co-founder of the Ultra-Trail Harricana and now president of the UTHC board of representatives, as the new ITRA organization representative for Canada.

An active member of ITRA since its very beginnings, Sebastien Côté was the Canadian National Representative and member of the Steering Committee from 2015 to 2017. Following a hiatus to concentrate on other projects, he is now returning to invest himself in innovative and structure-building projects that will contribute to the development of trail running in Quebec, Canada and abroad.

“I will use my leadership as a race organizer, running club administrator and ultra-runner to connect the Canadian trail running community and turn the spotlight on ITRA,” Côté explains. “Canada does not have a central trail running association like the United States does with ATRA. In this context, it will be important for me as a National Representative to bridge the gap between ITRA and the other Canadian associations historically involved in organizing national teams, including the Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners. My relationships with these associations and organizers in Canada are active, well-developed and collaborative, and I am extremely motivated to team up with the National Representative of Runners for Canada, David Jeker.”

As a first initiative, Sébastien Côté suggests creating a unique website to showcase the ITRA in Canada and relay information that would be operated by the ITRA National Representative of Runners, organizers and two Canadian members from different provinces across the country. It would list the Canadian ITRA rankings and include links directing visitors to the ITRA global site to demonstrate that ITRA is active in Canada, to promote ITRA’s activities and services in Canada and to build more connection with Canadian members.

Further, Sébastien is already involved in developing the first trail running training program in Quebec with the Fédération Québécoise d’Athlétisme (FQA) in collaboration with the Club de Trail de Montréal, whose board he is a member of.

As the ITRA National Representative for Canada, Sébastien Côté’s mandate will be to:

  • Listen to the runners and the organizers from the representative’s country and inform ITRA of the issues raised
  • Ensure that the runners and organizers of the representative’s country are informed of the activities and services offered by ITRA
  • Represent the association at events or gatherings of athletes in the representative’s country

Once elected, the representative undertakes to be fully committed to supporting and advancing the healthy and sustainable development of trail running in the representative’s country, respecting the trail running values promoted by ITRA.

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