Patrice Godin is Honorary President of the 2021 UTHC


It is with great enthusiasm that Événements Harricana announces that Patrice Godin is 2021 UTHC Honorary President.

A well-known actor in Quebec, “Pat Godin” is also an experienced ultra-marathoner. His race record is filled with great challenges and unique adventures. Author of the book Territoires inconnus and ambassador for youth causes, he regularly uses his communication skills to support the community and promote trail running. His charisma and his vision of trail running make him the perfect spokesperson to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada™.

“This was the perfect time for me to accept the honorary presidency for Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada™,” says Patrice. “I have always had an interest in this race, but had not yet had the chance to participate. This year is the year: I will be pleased to be there to experience this special edition with the UTHC runners.”

A Charlevoix gem

The athlete, who lives in the greater Montréal area, had the chance to discover certain sections of the UTHC races in the last few days.

“I was recently in Charlevoix for the filming of a documentary series. We trekked the Mont des Morios and Lac-à-l’Empêche trails, to name a few. Honestly, I was totally charmed. It’s a beautiful region. I was speechless! It’s a chance to have a real trail race in the heart of these landscapes.”

The trail spirit must remain true and authentic

Patrice Godin seeks authentic experiences in line with the trail spirit of his early years as a trail runner.

“I like it when things are wild, when they’re rough. Things have changed a lot since the first trail events ten years ago. I find it interesting when an organization remains close to its runners, when the athletes support each other. We are seeing many events that are expanding and moving away from their fan base. I like when things remain tightly knit within the community, when the human experience is preserved.”

Given his busy schedule and an injury he has been treating for some years now, Patrice is unable to confirm which race he will be participating in at this year’s UTHC. But one thing’s for sure, he will accompany the runners in their preparation and participate in a few activities on the sidelines of the official races.

We thank Patrice for his generous involvement with us!