1, 545m D+

uthc 42 saint simeon uthc harricana trail ultra

A technical and surprising course!

This course satisfies those athletes wanting to challenge themselves without tacking on the ultra distances.

The circuit, which connects Saint-Siméon to Mont Grand-Fonds through the National Trail, passes through technical and singletrack trails throughout most of the distance. It takes you to the top of several wide-open summits offering spectacular and little-known views over the region, the St. Lawrence River, and the Palissades de Charlevoix.

This trail is classified as difficult, offering few exit points if the athlete abandons the race, and is therefore reserved for experienced trail runners.

The new 42 km, offered on the Sunday, can be done in combination with Saturday’s faster and more accessible 42 km, or even with the 28 km!


Start Sunday 7:00 AM
Distance 42 km
Elevation 1 545 m D+ / 1 194 D-
Cut-off time 8:35
Stations 3
Course Linear

Pace chart


Cut-off time

ÉtapesStationsProchain ravitoPremier coureur
(vitesse de 5min 45 /km)
Heure estimée de passage
Dernier coureur
(vitesse de 12min 20 /km)
Heure estimée de passage
StartSaint-Siméon5.1 km (200 D+ / 90 D-)7:00 a.m.7:30 a.m.
5.1 kmÖBois Charlevoix16.8 km (820 D+ / 650 D-)7:28 a.m.8:32 a.m.
21.9 kmMcLeod9.9 km (250 D+ / 129 D-)9:05 a.m.12:00 p.m.
31.8 kmÉpervier10 km (275 D+ / 325 D-)10:02 a.m.2:02 p.m.
ArrivalMont Grand-Fonds11:00 a.m.4:05 p.m.
Athlete's Guide

Note that we will no longer have an Athlete’s Guide in PDF format from 2023.

You will find on this web page all the information you need to prepare for the event. You will also receive a newsletter about 6 weeks before the event with the important points that we would like to bring to your attention to prepare you well for your event.

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Charlevoix’s climate is cold and humid in September.

Furthermore, temperatures and precipitations can be extremely cold in the fall. It is therefore important to be vigilant to the risks of hypothermia.

  • Minimum 3°C
  • Maximum 15°C
  • Sunrise: 6 h 13
  • Sunset: 19 h 00

Note : The temperature can reach freezing point at night.

Terms and Rules
  • The Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada™ (UTHC) has a zero tolerance policy for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). The UTHC reserves the right to require drug tests after the competition for all performance-enhancing drugs on the World Anti-doping Agency’s list;
  • Ensure your bib is placed at the front of the body and is always visible;
  • Always remain on the marked trail;
  • Pacers are not allowed except for the 80 km;
  • Always pick up your trash and dispose of it at the appropriate areas of the aid stations;
  • Poles are allowed for distances of 42 km and over;
  • Cutoff times must be respected to avoid elimination;
  • Mandatory equipment must be carried at all times.

Terms and Conditions

Mandatory and suggested equipment

You will find the list of mandatory material HERE


Although there is no reliable service along the trail, the athlete can carry his phone with him. Text messages can be transmitted, depending on location.

We suggest that you register in advance our emergency number in your phone : 833 427-7422.

You can also download the ONDAGO app on your smartphone to navigate the different interactive maps of the UTHC. Even without cellular reception, you can locate yourself on your specific race. However, you must download your race map BEFORE heading out to areas with poor cellular reception.

Download Ondago

Aid Station Menus

All details concerning the menu offered at the different aid stations are shared HERE

Services on the main site

After the race, athletes will be offered a free gourmet meal featuring organic food from the Charlevoix region. A vegetarian meal will also be available. Discover the Menu HERE.

Runners will be offered an excellent beer from the Microbrasserie Charlevoix or a refreshing bottle of Guru.

naak publicité harricana ultra trail uthc charlevoix canada
Nutrition Partner

Näak is now the official and exclusive nutrition partner of Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada until 2024. Find all our nutrition and hydration products at all the aid stations. From nutrition plans to prepare your race to Näak segments, many surprises await you.

Save 15% off your orders with the code UTHC2023.

Visit their website

Transportation to the Start

To know how to get to the start, please read the following page

Transportation to the Start

Support crews

Due to the remoteness of the aid stations, support crews are not permitted for the 42 km, 65 km and 80 events.


Pacers are not permitted for the athletes running the 42 km event. 

Dropping out and Getting Back

Should you choose to drop out of the race, or be required to end the race for medical reasons, it is important to signal your abandonment to the nearest aid station captain or to a first aider.

It is prohibited to quit the race and leave the course without signaling your abandonment to a member of the UTHC organisation. Every person abandoning the race must ensure that the race director has taken note of his bib number.

The bib numbers of the racers having abandoned will then be sent to the timing and results team. Once an athlete has signaled his desire to abandon the race, he will be taken in charge by the UTHC team to ensure he will be returned to the Mont Grand-Fonds event area.

Since many of the aid stations are difficult to reach, we ask that you be patient while transportation is arranged. This process can take some time and you may have to wait several minutes before being transported back to the Mont Grand-Fonds.

balisage trail uthc harricana ultra charlevoix canada
Trail Markings

Always follow the ribbons and flags. The forbidden sections may be marked by a “wolves forbidden” sign.

Make sure to always follow the way pointed by the arrows.

Timing and Online Results

Timing for all events is done by Sportstats. The results will be available live online. 

Registration includes

Your registration includes all the products and services listed HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ webpage to find many answers to your questions

Go to the FAQ page

Free Training Programs

Prerequisites strongly suggested to participate in this event :

  • I have run at least 2-3 times a week in the last 2 months
  • I have already completed a trail race of 25 km or more
  • I am able to continuously run for at least 2 hours

In cooperation with high-level athletes with coaching experience, Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada™ offers many programs tailored to the course, distance and experience level of participants.

Discover new training programs HERE


Catch up on episodes at UTHC TV and learn more about the event, our athletes and our special guests. Visit our webpage:

Accommodation Suggestions

Here is a list of suggested nearby hotels and accommodation. Please reserve early as the options are limited in the region.


Getting to the Event

To learn more about how to get to the event visit this page

List of participants

Are you curious or want to confirm that your name is indeed on the participant list? Discover all the participants running in the Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada™ HERE

Course Records

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