Trail 20km – Night duo

A special night race! 

This is the same UTHC 20km course, but is to be completed as a team, and takes place at night! The teams must follow and support each other through out. This is the concept of this race, which is meant to be friendly and different from the challenges athletes are used to.

Classification will be awarded by team and not by individuals. Reference times for this night race are slightly higher.

Warning: additional compulsory items are required on this route to ensure the safety of athletes.

Start Saturday to confirm
Distance 20,1 km
Elevation 740m D+
Cut-off time 4h
Stations to confirm
Course Loop

Details of the race

The new 20 km night duo race on Mont Grand-Fonds’ snowshoeing and ski trails mixes up singletrack, wider moss-covered paths, and a few short hill sections, making it both accessible and surprising!

20 km - Night duo


Cut-off time

ÉtapesStationsProchain ravitoPremier coureur
(vitesse de 5min/km)
Heure estimée de passage
Dernier coureur
(vitesse de 12min/km)
Heure estimée de passage
StartMont Grand-Fonds8 km (410 D+ / 340 D-)00:00 pm00:00 pm
8 kmDe Comporté Aid Station5 km (115 D+ / 130 D-)00:00 pm00:00 pm
13 kmSPLIT Näak Aid Station7 km (215 D+ / 270 D-)00:00 pm00:00 pm
ArrivalMont Grand-Fonds00:00 pm00:00 pm
Athlete's Guide

In order for you to know everything about your race and to better prepare yourself, we have gathered all the important information in one simple guide.

You will find information about:

  • services available at the aid stations
  • information for your support crew
  • dropbags
  • on-site activities 
  • and more!

Charlevoix’s climate is cold and humid in September.

Furthermore, temperatures and precipitations can be extremely cold in the fall. It is therefore important to be vigilant to the risks of hypothermia.

  • Seasonal averages:
  • Minimum 3°C
  • Maximum 15°C
  • Sunrise: 6:13 am
  • Sunset: 19:00 pm
Terms and Rules
  • The Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada™ (UTHC) has a zero tolerance policy for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). The UTHC reserves the right to require drug tests after the competition for all performance enhancing drugs on the World Anti-doping Agency’s list;
  • Ensure your bib is worn on the front of the body and is visible at all times;
  • Always remain on the marked trail;
  • Always pick up your trash and dispose of it at the appropriate areas of the aid stations;
  • Poles are allowed for distances of 65 km and over only;
  • Mandatory equipment must be worn or carried at all times.

Download the Terms and Conditions

Mandatory and suggested equipment

You will find the list of mandatory material HERE

Aid Station Menus

All details concerning the menu offered at the different aid stations are shared HERE

Services on the main site

After the race, athletes will be offered a free gourmet meal featuring organic food from the Charlevoix region. A vegetarian meal will also be available. 

Find the Menu here

Runners will be offered an excellent beer from the Microbrasserie Charlevoix or a refreshing Guru beverage.

There will also be four small showers with hot water available.

Nutrition Partner

Näak is now the official and exclusive nutrition partner of Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada until 2024. Find all our nutrition and hydration products at all the aid stations. From nutrition plans to prepare your race to Näak segments, many surprises await you. Save 15% off your orders with the code UTHC2023. Visit their website

Event Color Number

Timing chips will be stuck to the bib. Your bib must be worn on the front of the body, always visible and on top of the outermost layer of clothing. If you choose to accompany your child on the short distances (when permitted), you must remove your bib to do so. 


  • 125 km  Sienna brown 1-350
  • 80 km  Orchid Purple 8001-8500
  • 65 km Yellow 6001-6500
  • 42 km Classic Orange 4001-4500
  • 42 km St-Siméon Coral 4501-4999
  • 28 km Turquoise 2501-2999
  • 20 km Night Neon pink  3000 à 3499
  • 20 km Indigo 2001-2500
  • 10 km SCSP Red 1001-1500
  • 5 km green 5001-5500
  • 1 km Cyan blue 500-999
  • Bénévoles AccesConseil Light green
Registration includes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Free Training Programs

20 km trail NIGHT program

Prerequisites strongly suggested to participate in this event : 

  • I have run at least at least twice a week in the last month and a half
  • I have already completed a trail race of 15 km or more
  • I am able to continuously run for at least 1 hour and a half
  • I have already done a night training

In cooperation with high-level athletes with coaching experience, Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada™ offers many programs tailored to the course, distance and experience level of participants.  

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You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life of these dedicated runners, and you’ll be inspired!

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