Social Engagement

Événements Harricana is a non-profit organization that directly and indirectly supports several causes and organizations

Whether local or regional, social or trail-running and ultra-running organizations, Événements Harricana’s goal is to benefit the most partners possible through its activities. Support may be direct involvement through volunteering, consultation, and tool and expertise sharing. It also may be financial support and opportunities for visibility and social outreach. Through creativity and dedicated engagement, we hope that the results of our activities will help build a more cohesive and healthy society.

Our Causes
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Our social involvement is intertwined with the very founding of the organization. The Ultra-Trail Harricana was created in 2012 to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, in honour of one of the event’s founding members who has MS.

All of the funds raised by participants go to supporting research into multiple sclerosis and providing services for the 20,000 people in Quebec suffering the effects of this disease.

Since 2012, the event and its participants have donated over $175,000 to the MS Society.


Distances+ is the made-in-Quebec magazine on trail running and outdoor sports. The Ultra-Trail team worked as volunteers to develop the concept and design, create and launch a neutral, credible communication and information platform to cover trail-running news in Quebec. Members of the UTHC team still pitch in voluntarily to write articles and content on all the trail events and figures in Quebec.

Cross-country interscolaire de Charlevoix

This event is a trail-running competition for school kids that has taken place in Charlevoix for 20 years. Most of the schools in the region now participate. In 2018, Événements Harricana provided the financial support for a technological timing system.

Traversée de Charlevoix

The Ultra-Trail Harricana team organizes two clean-ups per year on the trails of the Traversée de Charlevoix. Several volunteers turn out to make the trails safer and more accessible by removing brush, cleaning, cutting trees and fixing structures like bridges.

Courir pour la vie

Through the Quebec cinematic tour Trails in Motion, Événements Harricana raises funds for Courrir pour la vie, an organization that supports suicide prevention centres by encouraging health as a way of bringing hope and a sense of attachment to life.

Fondation En Coeur

In 2017, the Fondation en Cœur—an organization supporting children with heart disease—organized its first 50-km ultra-marathon crossing the city of Québec on the Saint-Charles River trail and the Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain. The Événements Harricana team volunteered to provide advice, spread the word about the race and make sure it went without a hitch.

The challenge will be back on September 28, 2019, and Ultra-Trail Harricana participants are again invited to run for this important cause.


When filmmaker and long-distance cross-country skier Caroline Côté contacted us in 2017 to ask us to support her documentary project, we didn’t hesitate a single second. Produced in August 2017, this excellent film tells the story of three women who crossed the Parc Kuurujjuaq (100 km), over mountains and through rivers, to discover an ancestral culture.

Événements Harricana provided financial assistance for the expedition. The documentary was part of the 2018 world tour of the Trails in Motion film festival.