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Annie is a trail runner living in Chelsea (Qc), with the Gatineau Park as her backyard and playground. As an avid cyclist and cross country skier, Annie enjoys all her spare time in the outdoors. For the last 2 years she also had the opportunity to represent Canada at the World’s mountain running and trail running long distance races in Slovenia and Italy.Outside of the athlete scene, Annie is a full time podiatrist with an area of expertise in the treatment of athletes and evaluating running form through gait analysis. 


  • Mont-Blanc Marathon 2017: 3rd
  • Quebec Mega Trail 2017, 50 km:1st
  • Behind the Rocks Ultra 2017, 80 km: 2nd
  • IAU World Trail Championships 2017: 22nd
  • Winner and course records of UTHC 65km, Bromont 50 Ultra, Chute du Diable 50
  • The North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco 2016: 4th 




Sarah Keyes is a mountain and ultra-trail runner based in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. When not working as an RN or fitting runners for shoes at The Fallen Arch in Lake Placid, you might find her and her dog Mocha living out of her truck. “If I could spend all my days on the trail pushing my limits physically in the mountains, I would.”


  • US Skyrunning Ultra Distance Champion and Vertical Kilometer Champion 2016
  • US Skyrunner Sky Race 2015: 3rd female
  • Women’s FKT of The Adirondack Great Range Traverse
  • Finishing my first 100-mile race in under 24 hours at the 2016 Cascade Crest Endurance Run
  • Finding the passion and courage to pursue a deliberate life
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Movement defines me and running makes it happen. Running on a trail or a road, absorbing my surroundings, dancing around obstacles: people, rocks, roots or trees. This is my passion… Feeling the air entering my lungs with each breath. My heart beating to the rhythm dictated by the road, the trail or the steepness of a climb. Experiencing that oneness with the place I’m running in. Sharing the possibility of reaching that state of euphoria that only running provides me. From the local 5K to the more demanding ultras, you can find me enjoying the moment doing what I love.


  • 2016: UTHC 2016 – 125 km 2nd
  • 2015: The North Face Endurance Challenge: Bear Mountain – 50 mi 4th
  • 2014: The North Face Endurance Challenge: Blue Mountain Resort – 50 mi 2nd
  • 2014: UTHC 2014 – 80 km 3rd
  • 2014: Tour du Massif, Prévost – 50 km 1st 

I’m a very passionate runner, I started to run at the age of 38, after giving birth to my second child. Since then, running has become my morning meditation that leads my day with happiness. I divide my time between my professional career as a tax director at Cirque du Soleil and my kids, so waking up every morning before sunrise and taking the trail  to the top of the hill near my house has become a privilege of life. I consider running an opportunity to explore myself and become a better person in all my different roles.

I’m proud of every start line I have crossed but more specifically:

  • Ultra Skym+D5arathon UTMA, 1st women 100 km
  • CCC course path of the UTMB in 2016, 11th VF1
  • Every finish lines I have seen…
  • Every women I have inspired with my energy and my dedication
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I am a 35-year-old ultra-marathon runner with the Salomon International Team. I started running ultra-marathons in 2012, focusing now on events ranging from 50 to 100 miles. I live for the trails, and for time in the mountains. That’s where I find peace from my hectic and demanding job in the Federal Government. I am blessed to be able to travel the world and participate in events around the globe. I am also a running coach, with athletes in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia.


  • Riverlands 100: 1st female
  • Big Brad Ultra, 50 mi.: 1st female, new course record
  • Sri Chinmoy Ultra, 6 Hour: 1st
  • Leadville Trail 100 Run: 9th female
  • Virgil Crest Ultra, 100 mi.: 1st female, new course record
  • Finger Lakes 50s, 50 mi.: 1st female
  • Sulphur Springs Trail Run, 100 mi.: 1st, new course record
  • Haliburton Forest Ultra, 100 mi.: 1st female 
Balancing a family, a career and an active lifestyle is a daily challenge, especially in this world which seems to run at light speed and where certain human values are eclipsed. I see myself as a modest ambassador of these values. As a father, engineer and ultra-marathoner, I try to use each stride to embody the intensity, emotion and authenticity of this quest for a better society. I look forward to running with you all!


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Kevin Vermeulen is a 24-year-old trail runner from Isère, France, whose home base is now Crans-Montana, a resort town in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Working in ergotherapy for the past year, he discovered Quebec during a student exchange program at University Laval.

His favourite playground for the moment is the Swiss alpine valley of Val d’Anniviers, known for the Sierre-Zinal race. The terrain is much appreciated for its breathtaking views and grueling slopes.

Back to running after an injury, he should be in top shape to have some fun at The Ultra-Trail Harricana.  


  • Trail des Cabornis 2017, 42 km: 3rd
  • Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2017, 42 km: 3rd
  • Be-Run Trail 2017, 41 km: 1st
  • Trail de Mirmande 2017, 42 km: 5th
  • Trail Nivolet-Revard 2017, 51 km: 8th
  • L’Echappée Belle 2015, 85 km: 3rd


Vivien Laporte is a trail runner and ultra-marathoner from Rennes, in Brittany, France, and a Bruz Athlétisme / Sobhi Sport athlete. He is also a computer engineer at SIB in the field of health. This will be his first time in Canada. “I’m really looking forward to running the 125-km race at Harricana and to discovering Quebec, its beauty and its people!”.


  • Trail de l’Archange 2017, 60 km: 1st
  • Championnats de France 2017, 100 km: 2nd
  • Marathon de Paris 2017: 65th
  • Ultra Belle-Île en Trail 2016, 83 km: 1st
  • Ultra-Trail des Côtes d’Armor 2016, 80 km: 1st
  • EnduRance Trail des Corsaires 2016, 69 km: 1st
  • Jungle Ultra Marathon 2016 (250 km in 5 fully self-supported stages in the Peruvian Amazon), 4 stage wins: 2nd
  • Grand Raid de la Réunion 2016, 164 km: 19th

 David Jeker


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The rhythm of running changed my life, and I started to live for running. I now have a Master of science in human movement and sports sciences. Despite being curious about everything related to running, I like to keep it simple. I dream of the perfect race, a performance that I would be entirely satisfied with. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I will give everything I have to find out


  • The Ultra-Trail Harricana 2015, 125 km: 1st
  • Hong Kong Ultra Trail Race 2016, 100 km: 3th
  • Eiger Ultra-Trail 2015, 101 km: 8th
  • The North Face Endurance Challenge Ontario, 80 km: 1st






I’ve been running ever since I was a kid. I hated taking the bus to school. When I started running, I challenged myself to get to school before the bus. I beat that bus many, many times! I ran my first marathon at 16. After 19 marathons, I decided to plunge into a new adventure: ultra-trail running and eventually the 125-km race at Harricana. I’m from Baie-Saint-Paul, and the locals call us runners “wolves.” It feels completely natural to take on this challenge on my turf, and I hope to do the pack proud! 


  • Niagara Falls Marathon 2016: 1st
  • Rock ‘n Roll Oasis Montreal Marathon 2013: 1st
  • Rock ‘n Roll Oasis Montreal Marathon 2014 and 2015: 2nd
  • Baystate Marathon 2011: 1st
  • 2009 Marathon des Deux-Rives: 1st



 Athlete Sex Country  Distance   ITRA  
 1 David JekerMCAN125 km 800 
 2 Florent BouguinMCAN125 km 794 
 3 Vivien LaporteMFR125 km 798 
 4 Kevin VermeulenMFR/CH65 km 787 
 5 Luis Tomas Lopez Villagran    MCAN 125 km 756 
 6 Annie JeanFCAN65 km 737 
 7 Sarah KeyesUSA 125 km 711 
 8 Mélanie BoultbeeFCAN125 km 622 
 9 Anne Bouchard
FCAN42 km 616 
 10 Laura PerryFCAN 42 km  521

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