During a recent stop in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada for a photo shoot, the Sids stopped by for a visit at Ultra-Trail Harricana Headquarters and we sat down to chat about their amazing careers, plans for the future, life beyond hockey and much, much more. 

UTHC: Speaking of the Olympic gold medal…what was that like? We’re sure nothing can compare.

Sid: I think we were in a state of shock when we won the gold medal. There were no tears, we were just kind of white. We didn’t understand what had happened. We were working so hard and just putting one foot in front of the other. And then BAM, you win it and you have the gold on the podium and you’re just looking around, feeling a little dizzy. 

UTHC: Switching gears, beyond hockey: we see you with your families. What is the “non-hockey” side of Sidney Crosby like?

Sid: It is all about the family. Going to Charlevoix, taking long trail run with the baby and teaching her how to do different things. She’s running all over the house now. She’s taking the dirt in our living room now and trying to trail run. She loves trails. 

UTHC: Looking forward, are there still goals to achieve? Or have you passed all of those goals in your career accomplishments?

Sid: Well, right now it’s trying to get that “Stanley Cup again” But long term, it’s just trying to get as much out of our bodies as possible. We want to try and run the 50 miles (80km) Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada. So I just trying to stay healthy and have fun on trail!

UTHC: Are you planning to run another Ultra-Trail after UTHC?

Sid: Yes! I WILL cross a finish line of an ultra-trail. My goal is to try the new 120km UTHC and running the 1km Course Pirate with my daughter.

UTHC: Happy trail Sydney and good luck with the Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada.

 THIS INTERVIEW IS AN APRIL FOOL PRANK created by the race director Sebastien Cote 😉