The Theme of 2019 Ultra-Trail Harricana is Health

La Malbaie, June 21, 2019 – A good state of health can be reached through physical activity and particular lifestyle habits. This is the message the Ultra-Trail Harricana—a significant presence in Quebec’s sports scene—wants to deliver to the 2,000 or so participants registered for this fall’s races.

Under the theme of health and the motto “Finding balance”, the Ultra-Trail Harricana will be raising awareness of the issue through communications on related topics that can help athletes practise their passion and prepare for their challenge in a healthy way.

The goal is to expand our reflection on this universal subject that bears importance for every individual and that is central to developing the potential of Quebec’s trail-running community.


  • Communicate with and raise the awareness of trail-running athletes, and ultra-trail runners in particular, about the health topics that affect them.
  • Completely review the UTHC’s internal procedures through the lens of health and safety, to guarantee the best supervision possible of athletes before, during and after their race.
  • Bring in a nutritionist to assess the food choices at aid stations along the race courses.
  • Highlight the involvement of the health team during the event.
  • Present a panel on the topic of running health during the event weekend.
  • Showcase our partner, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.


The image for 2019 on the theme of health was designed by Montreal artist Martin Lachapelle. The grainy blue texture, overlaid with a topographic map, evokes raw, unpredictable nature. Maps help us figure out where we are and which path to take, thus symbolizing coherence and reason. The runner, represented by a circle, leaves a zig-zagging path, over uneven, imperfect ground, heading in the direction of an infinite horizon.


Every year, the Ultra-Trail Harricana brings runners’ attention to a particular theme. Following the themes of women in ultra-trail running in 2016, sustainable development in 2017 and youth in 2018, the organization is continuing its mission to educate and raise awareness on issues that go beyond running.

In 2017, for example, the actions we took under the theme of sustainable development were recognized through the “Eco-responsible” award at the Gala Charlevoix Reconnaît. We were pleased that our ambition to become a leading environmentally friendly race organization was acknowledged in this manner.  


Since its creation eight years ago, the Ultra-Trail Harricana has become a trail-running leader in Quebec. The event offers runners breathtaking views of the Charlevoix backcountry and a stimulating physical challenge. The 125-km race is part of the prestigious Ultra-Trail World Tour, placing the event on the international scene in a way no other Canadian race has accomplished.