Louis Travaillot

  • Will participate in UTHC 65 Race details
  • Sex : Man
  • Country : France

From the French Alps, Louis Travaillot is a 20-year-old top-performing trail-running athlete. In this first year among the hopefuls, he’s looking forward to discovering longer courses that will wow him.

He finished 12th at the French Junior Assembly Championships, 3rd in the Courchevel Xtrail 22 km in 2022 (1st junior), and 7th at the Red Needles Trail (1st junior) in 2022 as well.

In September, he will have just landed in Canada to begin a four-month internship with Naäk in Montreal, his sponsor and the official nutrition partner of the UTHC 2023. He decided to make the most of the opportunity while here and to run Charlevoix’s trails in the UTHC 65 km. These four months will be a great occasion for him to grow athletically and professionally, while discovering the cultures of Canada.

  • 2023 Verbier by UTMB (marathon format) : 11th
  • 2022 Trail des Aiguilles Rouges: 7th (1st junior)
  • 2022 Courchevel Xtrail 22 km: 3rd (1st junior)
  • 2022 Trail de la Rentrée 20 km: 2nd
  • 2022 UTMB YCC: 14th junior